DEME and renewable energy developer and independent power producer FARIA enter agreement to explore and co-develop offshore wind farms in Greece

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DEME and Greek renewable energy developer and independent power producer FARIA Renewables have signed a cooperation agreement to explore opportunities and co-develop offshore wind farms in Greece. Recognising the unique potential for growth in the offshore wind industry in the Mediterranean Sea and the evolving market, both companies aim to play a significant role in the region.                                                                                                                                 

Offshore wind technology is viewed as crucial for achieving global goals towards zero emissions. In support of these goals, the Greek government recently announced the draft ‘National Offshore Wind Farms Development Programme’ which is overseen by the Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company (HEREMA). The programme defines eligible Organised Development Areas and estimates a capacity of approximately 4.9 GW of offshore wind projects that can be developed in the mid-term (up to 2030-2032), excluding the marine area between Evros-Samothraki which is designated for pilot offshore wind farm projects. As well as this, the programme estimates that a capacity of around 12.4 GW could be developed in the longer term (after 2030-2032).

Engage with local stakeholders
DEME and FARIA Renewables will join forces, drawing upon their extensive track records and expertise, to comprehensively assess Greece's maritime area, identifying optimal sites for offshore wind farm development. They will conduct in-depth research and exploration, engaging with stakeholders and local communities. Simultaneously, they will support and create synergies with the domestic supply chain, ultimately developing successful and competitive projects.

Thalia Valkouma, President and Chief Executive Officer at FARIA Renewables, stated: "I am thrilled to announce our cooperation with DEME, one of the world's leading offshore wind companies with operating projects and projects under development globally. We are confident that this partnership will leverage the capabilities and experience of both companies, working together towards a sustainable and greener future. Our involvement in the development of offshore wind projects is now taking a significant step forward, and we are excited to contribute to the mid- and long-term expansion of the offshore wind sector in our country, helping Greece achieve its goals and transforming into a major energy producer and exporter. Our targets for green and sustainable renewable energy as a means to fight climate change and reduce CO2 emissions are now closer to being achieved."

Dimitris Kintsakis, Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer at FARIA Renewables, added: "We are very satisfied with our cooperation with DEME in the offshore wind market. We share the same values and have the same appetite and willingness to contribute to the effort for a greener society. The announcement of the agreement with DEME demonstrates FARIA Renewables' commitment to the offshore wind market. The ability, experience and methodological approach of both companies can provide added value to the evolving Greek offshore wind market, play an important role in the country's transition to an energy hub, and support the Greek economy across various supply chain sectors."

Kristof van loon, General Manager at DEME Concessions, commented: “DEME is delighted to be contributing to the development of Greece's offshore wind market, which we believe holds immense potential. As the world's leading offshore wind contractor, we possess a proven track record spanning over two decades. DEME's in-house expertise and extensive collaborations with industry leaders across Europe, Asia, and the US make us a valuable partner in this endeavor. Teaming up with FARIA Renewables, a company that shares our commitment to a sustainable future and recognises offshore wind as a cornerstone of Greece's clean energy transition, is an exciting step forward.”